Frequently Asked Questions

What is Camsao?

It is a shared task system used by company secretarial, regulatory compliance, legal and governance departments to ensure no compliance action is ever missed. Its purpose is to manage high level tasks (e.g. regulatory filings, AGM activities, annual reports, directors meetings, business name renewals, solvency resolutions, etc). Tasks may be managed by changing their status, adding notes, rescheduling them and updating other relevant data.

What is the workflow of a task?

A task is created with a 'Pending' status. Reminders are sent to the person(s) responsible. Once action is taken on a task it is set to either 'Active', 'On Hold' or 'Waiting On Someone Else'. Once it is completed, the task is set to 'Completed', and subsequently reviewed and 'Closed' by an Auditor.

What tasks can a user view or edit?

Any user can view or edit any task unless they are awaiting an Auditor to review it.

When does the system send email reminders?

  • When a task reminder due date is reached.
  • When a task is closed, a notification is sent to an Auditor.

How do I create and schedule many tasks in one go (such as recurring board meeting reminders).

Create a task and copy it. You will be able to schedule many dates in one go.

What user roles and permissions exist?

  • Read Only - Can only view tasks
  • Edit Tasks - Can view and edit any task (i.e. not only tasks assigned to the users). Users can set tasks to completed. An Auditor must review and close a task.
  • Auditor - Can view, edit and audit/close tasks.
  • Administrator - Can manage administration lists and user accounts.

What is the role of an Auditor?

The role of an Auditor is to review all 'Completed' tasks, set them to 'Closed' and ensure that a task is rescheduled if necessary. An Auditor will also need to review pending and overdue tasks.

What are Entities?

Entities are business units within your organisation you can associate tasks with. Entities can be managed via the Entities administration page.

What are Categories?

Categories allow you to associate a task with a particular division or area within your organisation and can be managed via the administration page. Additionally you can use projects (off by default) to associate a task with a project within your organisation.

How do I invite additional users?

Users must be invited manually. Only an administrator can create a new user and set the permissions of users.

Why should I upgrade to Camsao Premium?

Upgrade to Camsao Premium for more features, users and enterprise level service and support. Most of our active customers use Camsao Premium because they see the value it provides.

How do I pay for Camsao Premium?

Click on the upgrade link at the top right hand corner of the page. You will be prompted to provide payment details. Once payment is received you will have full access to Camsao Premium.